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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  August 14, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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this is not the correct video, but we do know that so far four homes have been destroyed. over 1,000 people have been evacuated and more than 2,000 acres have burned so far. this fire is only 5% contained tonight. 675 fiefrtsrefighters are there right now putting out what they call the clayton fire. we know there are 8300 people without power. we are still getting information on this breaking news story. thank you very much for being with us tonight. >> we are awaiting a news conference with those from cal fire to start in lake county. i believe they are starting that now. here is a live take from lake county.
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>> well, we are going to keep a close tab on this. they are setting up for this news conference. this has been a very pressing time for those in this area. more than 5,000 people as you look at the people in this press conference room right now. more than 5,000 people have been evacuated in that specific area near clear lake and lower lake. they are moving out of the room right now as many officials come into the room to talk. >> let's go over again the details of this fire as we are waiting for this news conference to start. it has grown since it started last night. we are looking at the map where it's burning along highway 29 south of clear lake. evacuation orders have been expanded for all the people living east of state route 53. more than 5,000 people have been told to evacuate. this fire is now 3,000 acres.
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that's an update i'm getting now from the producers. the fire has now grown. it's jumped a containment line setting several houses on fire. the last we heard, four homes have burned. that was the update yesterday. we have not received an update tonight. we are waiting for the press conference. >> that number will rise during all of this. some of these homes that have burned that was after that county was taken earlier today. >> firefighters and volunteers have evacuated a lot of people. we know there are a lot of animals in this area. we are looking at the video now. cal fire is there as well as many of the strike teams from the bay area. they have needed a lot of assistance with this fire. san francisco fire department went as well as the contra costa
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fire department sent two engines as part of the strike team. we do know some other information from people who are there about how difficult this has been. >> our next door neighbor is the fire chief. if he evacuates, we are going to evacuate and be alert to leave. >> i don't really care about the house. i don't care about the things. i just want my family. >> as you take a look at these pictures of the smoke of the fire in lake county. we want to go to jackie who is there tonight. jackie can you give us an update? >>reporter: yeah. i'm in lake county right now. i see five buildings destroyed
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in downtown lake port. i see 20-25. [inaudible] >> we seem to have lost jackie. we'll work to get his feedback right now. obviously we are dealing with a situation where phone lines in certain areas have gone down because of this fire and all the damage that is done. we did get an update that now more than 3,000 acres have burned in this fire and well over four structures have burned as well. we do have jackie back on the line. jackie, you were just telling us about what you have seen out there. we last heard some of the structures, at least four structures that you are looking at now have burned to the ground, is that right? >> yeah. the fire is all the way downtown
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lake forest. highway 29 is closed at 63. i'm looking at the winery. it's destroyed in downtown lake port. the entire area is shutdown except for fire personnel. this is 15 miles east of middletown where the valley fire happened. there are more than 2,000 structures completely burned out. i have seen multiple burn areas from firefighters overhead. right now downtown lake port there are multiple structures that have burned. obviously right now cal fire with multiple agencies are trying to placate all the structures and try to contain them as much as they can.
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with high winds and low humidity and high temperatures out here, right now it's a very tough battle for those firefighters. it's extremely tough conditions for those firefighters. right now in downtown lake port some where between 25-30 agencies out here with firefighters and fire trucks fighting this fire. multiple structures have been lost out here. i see homes completely destroyed. obviously this is just near that fire that we saw that damaged 2,000 homes. 8300 customers without power. 1,000 evacuees. right now we are working on saving downtown lake port. but there are also residential
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houses in and around downtown lake port. it's right on 53 about 100 yards south of 29. that's the area that it is right now that is in flames and smoke. we are going to continue to cover this. i just got here about 5 minutes ago. as soon as i get more information, i will pass it along. >> thank you, jackie. just to go over more details. we have learned about this fire that's burning. they have had to evacuate people from the saint helena hospital. patients and doctors have been moved to a different area. the first day of school was supposed to be tomorrow. the schools are now closed because of the fire. >> they are evacuating hospitals.
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keep in mind that some of the critical patients and patients of more serious conditions were air lifted to other hospitals nearby or where they can get them or where they knew they can be safe. to update you on the situation. we are waiting for a press conference by fire officials and local officials in the lake county area. you see some water droppings in the county area. we have jackie who has been closely monitoring this. he has said just minutes ago that he saw 4-5 buildings or so. jackie, we are going to move on to the map area to just give you an idea. those living in the area of lake county have been devastated by the previous fire. it's an area that's been surrounded by previous fire. last year's valley fire to the
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south burned more than 70,000 acres and killed four people. last year's rocky fire to the north more than 69,000 acres in last year's jerusalem fire. tonight we are getting viewer photos into our newsroom. you can see this one here in lower lake. you see the large clouds of smoke and you also see main street. i want to give you that look of what you are looking at right there. and then in the distance you can see how close those cars are to that area. you can see the flames burning in the distance. in this shot it almost appears as though a pick up truck is on fire there in the distance. we've got some of these from different crews out there from north bay who took those photos. some of those flames and dark smoke this afternoon. that is what you see which is so severe that firefighters had to
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get away from this area. you see the black smoke clouds there. you couldn't even see down main street at one point this afternoon. you look at the structures here that appears to be either a home or garage that is burning here. i believe we have a second image as well to give you an idea. not just here, but to the left of that image you see another structure or woods on fire there as well. so certainly closely monitoring these pictures here. we urge you to bring any pictures to us or e-mail them. >> i want to make a really quick correction. a live reporter mentioned an incorrect place where the fire is burning. it's burning in lower lake. on the phone we have daniel with cal fire.
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we don't have that right now. why don't we go to lawrence who is standing by in the weather center and tell us the conditions there now? >> earlier this afternoon, we saw 20 plus miles an hour gust there and that gave rise to the bad fire condition. right now winds have calm down somewhat. it's calm in the clear lake now. the fires can generate their own wind. in and around that fire you start to see that air rapidly rise and that can cause some gusty winds in the fire. this is over the drought that we have seen over the past few years and dry conditions and a lot of fuel on the ground. tomorrow the winds more easterly about 5-10 miles an hour. we are going to take you live now in lake county.
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>> thank you. we want to say thank you to the middletown ranch and thankful for the red cross shelter. we want to take a moment to thank all of our firefighters and emergency personnel. [ applause ] >> lake county has gone through a lot over the last 11 months. we are less than 30 days away from september 12th. on september 12th was when the valley fire started here in the county. it's the wildest fire in our state's history. it's also the jerusalem fire and rocky fire last year.
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i didn't think we would be back tonight. but we are coming stronger. we are having tough days ahead, but we are going to be strong. tonight we have several individuals who will be providing updates. we have the officers from the state office of emergency services. the chief is going to fill in details on my initial report. we have the amazing chief from cal fire, jones. she'll be giving us an update on all issues regarding the fire. martin is here tonight who is going to be discussing evacuations and sharing law enforcement needs. he will also be discussing about security and the burn zones which we know is that important
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to you and our neighbors. we are going to hear from the chief captain.
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i have 20 strike teams up and that includes water tenders and communication units. keith jones will give you the details on that. the office of communication teams have been embedded at the operation center that has gone live today as the local emergency has been requested and declared and mr. brown will be talking about the process happening tuesday. >> we are also ordering up several individuals who are emergency managers throughout the bay area able to assist with the county of lake on the emergency management side via emergency operations center. >> there has been significant focus on shelters. we learned from the valley fire, we want to be proactive and move before the fire does.
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2,000 cots have been ordered and are either in place or on the way in the county this evening including showers and toilets. we've also ordered significant supplies of food and water to ensure there is not a blip on the radar. i want to thank the emergency services for all of their incredible work for all issues regarding the recovery and response now. the sheriff will be discussing the need for mutual aid for law enforcement. last time with the fire we made a request for additional conversation from the sheriff and i put an additional request for the office of emergency services. and they will be discussing the need for the county as well as clear lake. i will tell you the office of emergency services stands ready to be able to fulfill that order of mutual
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aid. as a precautionary measure, all patients, a total of 16 have been relocated from clear lake saint helena hospital to sutter lakeside hospital. we are staying ahead of the fire as a precautionary measure. all patients have been moved to sutter lakeside. without further adieu, i would like to turn to the fire chief. >> thank you. i think you have done a great job covering the topics. overall we are providing the fire resources at the request of cal fire. there are 75 engines here
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throughout the morning. i'm sure as the fire progress the team is going to order additional resources both from local state and assist from that standpoint. the sheriff indicated he's going to request additional law enforcement as brought out for fire resources to assist. probably more important is the assistance for the folks and the shelters to try to make them as comfortable as they can possibly be. not only the state but the federal government fema and the red cross are assisting with that side and working with your office of emergency services.
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we are also working with verizon and at&t to bring additional facilities to assist cal fire and the management team and taking over north bay team from marin that's been assisting and will also assist with additional communication capabilities as well. i think this is more of a marathon, not a sprint. this will take several more days to take care of everybody's needs. we'll be here today and to the end to assist the county and the precedence to continue with this fire. >> where is the fire now? >> cal fire will be here in just a moment to provide an update of the fire. >> i will tell you that we are
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also bringing mental professionals into the community. >> we are live at a press conference at lake county to update on the fire that is burning right now in lower lake. it's 3,000 acres only 5% contained. they are getting help from all across the state to put this fire out. as they said this is going to be a marathon and not a sprint. we'll be right back.
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>> right now our meteorologist and certainly seeing all of that video of the fire. >> and the temperatures in the 90s and all the fuel on the ground. yeah, conditions are right for a fire. tomorrow we'll watch the temperatures come down a few degrees. as you notice a few inland with the temperatures in the 90s, you will see a lot of 70s and 80s around the bay.
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there is a low pressure that is going to sweep through. after that, high pressure starts to build back in and look at these numbers again heading near 100 degrees in some of the warmest spots as you are headed towards wednesday and more cooling as we are heading towards the end of the week.
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>> the breaking news we are following tonight is a fire in lake county that is more than 3,000 acres and continues to grow. it's only 5% contained. we know at least four homes have been destroyed. this fire is burning south of clear lake.
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>> right now daniel berlin has joined us. can you update us on the situation and where we are right now? >> yeah, this fire continues to burn this evening despite the fact that we've had a lot of crews. over 1,000 firefighters really trying to take a stand to slowdown and hold this fire. it's the gust and the drought conditions that are making this job so difficult. what is different from this fire compared to the last couple fires the rock and the valley fires. this time we had some rainfall, but it meant more grass. that grass has been the fuse that is now dried out. >> can you tell us what crews will be doing to put the fire
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out? >> it will be several more hours before the fire dies out. it wasn't until the early morning when the fire laid down and the activity died down last night. we will continue to work on the structure protection and overnight we'll bring in additional resources. we did increase staffing knowing this week was going to be an increased fire risk. still with all the additional firefighters, this fire has grown in size and with additional resources will continue to aid us in this effort. this is likely to be several days to make sure residents get out of their home and we are able to protect as many homes. >> i know we heard 3,000 acres before. we also heard four structures earlier today. we have been getting witness reports all day
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long of people seeing more structures burning. do we have a count on the structures or the number of homes burned in this fire? >> we do know that at least ten buildings have been destroyed by this fire. overnight four homes were destroyed. obviously the pictures that you are showing show additional homes and even some businesses that were destroyed by the fire. we have a damage assessment team that is in there looking to figure out exactly how many buildings were damaged or destroyed. but of course our priority right now is stopping the fire, keeping it out of these neighborhoods. stopping it from continuing to do the damage that it's done. unfortunately in drought conditions and this type of fire during the efforts. >> this fire is also burning in the downtown area where you have homes and businesses and also in more rugged areas with trees and grass. how complicated is that for your effort?
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>> we have to change the strategy when it's burning in a more rural area. we have to find places to take a stand whether it's on a ridge top or open area. when it gets to urban areas, then it's a bigger challenge for us. we don't have the luxury of waiting for the fire to come to us. we have to go to protect our homes. that's our number one priority of life and property. in those areas, we continue to do burning operations where we can burn off the grass. but when it comes to those homes, firefighters are parked in as many areas as possible. when we see fire near some of the homes, we have to get to
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that so the building does not ignite in flames. >> right now we are evacuateing the lower lake area. and clear lake, the southern portion known as the avenues also remains under evacuation. throughout the hidden valley area, all residents need to be on alert. if you are living in these areas you have to pay attention. leave early. we need you to be safe. we also need our firefighters to be able to get through the areas. >> a lot of people i have talked to in lake county area just shook their heads because they
8:31 pm
just got over the jerusalem and rocky fire and valley fire. compared to those, this went from 80 to 100 acres to a matter of thousands of acres. >> these conditions out of lake county are still tinder dry. as lake county is still healing and rebuilding from those devastating fires, we continue to be on high alert. we have the high corridor in lake county that we have been able to stop it at 12 acres, 20 acres in some cases. so we've continued to be on high alert and aggressively attack them. that's the key always. just like the valley fire and the rocky fire and the jerusalem fires, these fires are burning with such explosiveness. it doesn't matter how much we throw at it,
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the fire continues to glow. that's what makes these fires in this area very challenging. it doesn't matter where you are whether in the north and the east. that spark is going to ignite. that one less spark. >> that people in clear lake need to be prepared. where do you want them to go? >> there is a shelter that has been set up in clear lake at the senior center there. we are going to continue to assess and be prepared that if this fire does continue to move in a north direction like it is, that may need to change. additional shelters may need to open as well. that's something we are working very closely not only with the sheriff's
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department but with the county as well. we want those residents to leave the area if possible. they are going to have to be prepared and evacuate quickly. evacuation shelters are in the senior high lake center. excuse me, i'm sorry. that evacuation center was just closed. this is new information. those residents that were evacuated are being sent to the kelseyville high school in the twin pike casino as well as the seventh day adventist church. three places for residents to go. the evacuation center opened up in clear lake due to power outage and also fire activity, that location has been closed. >> we want to thank you. we know you are busy. we wish you the best in your
8:34 pm
fire fighting efforts. >> thank you. >> we are going to the scene. and what we'll ask her what she has seen. >>reporter: there is a family right behind me that has just been reunited after hours of this mother who did not know where her kids are as this family was separated as this fire has been burning since yesterday. this is one of the shelter centers. they are going to be housing dozens of people if not hundreds because from what i understand this hotel the fully booked and they are going to be housing people whose homes have been destroyed from that fire that is burning over 3,000 acres now. i spoke to a few people including one woman who told me she has
8:35 pm
lost her home to this fire. there were only a few articles that she was able to take herself to bring to this event center. >> all i could bring was my photos, my family, my dog. they didn't have anything else that i can carry in my car. that's all we have. >> very sad because my daughter lost her house, and i can't believe she lost her house. it's very close to mine. >> a mother and her daughter both very affected by this clayton fire and many people inside still waiting to hear what has happened to their homes because they don't know. some of them were not even able to get to their homes as they were forced to turn around and head for safety. the shelters are going to
8:36 pm
provide food and water for those people. we are going to see what has been left of these homes. unfortunately for these people, we don't know. time will tell until they can get back. >> live at the twin pine casino. >> thank you very much. we have continued coverage of the lake county fire and also the other fires that are burning across the state tonight. you can find the updated information on our website kron we just had that live press conference air and also got update information from cal fire. all of that will be on there and plus we'll recap when we come right back after this break.
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>> jackie is at the fire right now. he's joining us right now on the phone. >> good afternoon. i'm in
8:39 pm
downtown lower lake. i miss spoke earlier. i'm actually in lower lake. i can tell you that multiple structures have been lost here in lower lake. i talked to police, firefighters. he said it's way more than four structures. i can tell you that i have already seen four structures in downtown lower lake just south of highway 29 on highway 53 that have been lost. i can tell you the winery is completely lost out here. structures along this stretch of 53 and both sides on the east side both homes have been lost. there is cal fire and i also saw helicopters in the areas from cal fire flying over the area.
8:40 pm
smoke was laying over this area. it's about 50 miles east of where the valley fire destroying 2,000 homes. the total now is 8300 customers without power. 1,000 people have been evacuated along the saint helena hospital also closed at this point. as i stand here on 53 about 100 yards, we are south of 29 that there are about 2-dozen to 3-dozen fire trucksás⌞?m here. the temperature is really high. low humidity. high winds out here and this fire is jumping from structure to structure along its corridor. they want to contain this fire so it doesn't affect anymore structures. from this corridor on 53, there
8:41 pm
are multiple residential along with commercial structures that are on both sides of 53. all of these are being affected. i'm in lower lake just south of lake forest. there are mandatory evacuations going on. this is very similar to the valley fire. it's not quite as bad right now. firefighters are trying to prevent this fire from spreading to more structures. multiple structures have been burned. >> jackie, while we still have you on the phone here, you were one of the first on the scene
8:42 pm
during that valley fire and here you are on the scene during this fire as well. what are your comparisons and just to give people an idea how far are you from that valley fire locations which burned so many structures. >> i'm about 6 miles east of that. if you get to 29 and 53. we are east from where the valley fire has the most effect. we are in middletown in hidden valley. we are east of that in downtown lower lake. downtown lower lake consist of probably a dozen to 20 businesses right down 53 on both sides of that commercial businesses or residential areas. that's what's being affected
8:43 pm
right now. if you continue southbound on the 53. darkness is setting in. firefighters and the air support that they would normally have is going to be grounded. right now there will be battles by battling by ground crews. the wind has died down a little bit. humidity is almost zero out here. we are just east of whenever that valley fire is. very close to the other fires last year. obviously this is very dry fuel up in this area. lots of trees. very rural area. the firefighters are going to have handful. not only with the fuel they are fighting but the fact that there are so many
8:44 pm
residents in those areas there are three lines in this area. >> thank you very much. we'll be right back. ♪ announcing zero for seventy-two across the entire lineup of ford cars, trucks and suvs. plus, tagged vehicles now get a thousand smart bonus. that's freedom from interest... and freedom to choose with ford. america's best selling brand. ♪ now get 0% financing for 72 months across the entire ford lineup, plus specially tagged vehicles get a thousand smart bonus.
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we want to recap our breaking news. there is a fire burning in lake county. it has consumed over 3,000 acres. it's only 5% contained. we know that 10 buildings have been burned and we'll have overnight more than 1,000 personnel to put the fire out. >> we know that at least four homes have been burned.
8:47 pm
we'll get a better view tomorrow of all the damage. >> all of lower lake has been evacuated as well as part of clear lake. we'll know which way the winds are blowing. they are only 5% contained. >> it's hard because you hear observations from people out here saying it's very gusty. but that said, fires can create their own wind. it's picking up steam in the afternoon hours. we have 20 miles per hour winds. overall, it looks like the winds are going to be calmer. tomorrow will be mostly sunny again and it will be hot. the temperatures in the 90s and humidity is going to be very low. there is a lot of humidity on the ground with left over drought conditions and that is making perfect fire conditions for much of california, not only
8:48 pm
in this area. this is the forecast of the wind conditions. you see maybe 5-20 miles per hour. the humidity will be up at that time and also the winds will be calm. it will be a great chance to get ahead of that fire. those winds start to pick up. you get that afternoon breeze kicking in. and of course the humidity is going to break back down to about 20% again. dry conditions in the afternoon hours and the winds will once again be picking up. it will be carrying with it some of the smoke. air quality especially tomorrow in the north bay. moderate amount of air quality. that fire is going to be terrible. moderate in the east bay and south bay with winds in moderate conditions. we are back on shore tonight. that sea breeze kicking in and that will be around the bay
8:49 pm
area. temperatures in story in the 50s. high pressure starting to break down. you see that low sweeping in. that is going to switch around tomorrow. that is going to factor to those folks trying to put out that fire. in the bay maybe local inland. again, we are going to see some hot temperatures well away from the coastline. about 60 at half moon bay, 60 degrees in palo alto. you will see temperatures in the 70s and 80s as you make it to san jose. 82 as you make it to santa clara. you will see those hot temperatures as you head towards the valley again maybe at 90 degrees and in the north bay
8:50 pm
70s and 80s. the temperatures at mid-90s as you make your way towards vacaville. >> that's the forecast. back to you. >> over 7500 firefighters are battling 11 wildfires burning across california. we have a map of that right now. right now there are flames burning as far north as shasta county and as south as san bernardino county. >> it is hot and dry and we are dealing with a drought for several years now. that's all been a bad part of why these fires are continuing to grow. as we heard in a live interview with cal fire earlier, while the rain was really good which made the grass grow which is now adding more fuel to the fire. we are going to go to a fire burning between caramel and big sur. tonight several miles of highway 1 in monterey county
8:51 pm
just south of points had the close today. they needed to get firefighters more room to work on a containment. the road should reopen by monday afternoon. we checked a little bit earlier. they thought it might open a little bit sooner than monday night and they are thinking now monday afternoon. this fire killed 1 person, destroyed 57 homes and burned 11 buildings and burned more than 114 square miles. we move to yolo county where that fire is now 100% contained. it's burned near the napa county line. these are pictures from last week when the fires first started near highway 128. it burned an area of nearly 90 square miles and destroyed two buildings. right now cal fire is very busy trying to
8:52 pm
figure out what caused this fire. there are crews that are still there in yolo county because they are making sure no flare ups happen and make sure it's contained. the other fires burning across the state of california is the fire burning tonight in lake county. we will have continued coverage on our website including where evacuations are in place. to get the updated information on quron we'll be right back.
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8:56 pm
southern clear lake has been evacuated. the estimate is about 4,000 people and there are three different evacuation centers. one at kelseyville high school and we are looking at the flames. there is a lot of devastation in lake county tonight. >> we've been following this weather wise and the school forecast in many districts. >> that fire is continuing to burn there. it's been hot and they are seeing the hot weather again. it's going to go up maybe in the triple digits. a lot of kids are going back to school. here you go. you are headed back to school tomorrow morning. we have some clouds and temperatures in the
8:57 pm
50s and by noon lunchtime it will be warm. >> sports is next. we'll give you an update on this breaking news.
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